Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Climbing Wall

I Climbed this wall and this is what i've learned..
Face it by yourself by all the strenght you have left..
Do everything to get on with your life ..
No matter How High it is, be Strong..
Don't listen to what people try to dictate you where to step at..
And you will see yourself fighting facing it without fear..
There's always a hard bit but think and you'll know what to do..
Everything is possible if you believe in yourself..
Don't be weak if you think you're different..
Because We are special in our own way..
Don't ever put that Smile upside down..
Be happy in who you are..

I Love My Friends

This whole day were all together again is past
I hope it didn't last

I felt the happiness
It never turned into a mess

All i need are my friends
We always mend

Hope we'll always together
We'll make it through whatever

If without them,,
A would not solve my problem

Telling me, you can do so much better
Please don't be stuck here forever

He's just a bot you met
And soon he'll forget

So i said i'll try
I'll forget too and try

I must be lucky
In all what God gave me

So i'll never give up
Always be on top

I will never let myself down
If someone makes me frown

Because i know friends are everywhere
They will be around and be there